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About Walpole Outdoors

An evolving legacy of craftsmanship and innovation

Today’s Walpole is a highly skilled, customer focused enterprise that makes smart use of the latest technology and materials while still honoring its handcrafted roots.

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Quality Craftsmanship

Exceptional Products Handcrafted in the USA

The attributes that make Walpole products so distinctive have been enhanced over the years, but our commitment to outstanding craftsmanship remains unchanged.

Handcrafted in our workshop

For almost a century, Walpole Outdoors has been creating beautifully crafted fences, pergolas, arbors, gates, and more in our North American workshop. Whether you prefer low-maintenance solid cellular vinyl or wood, every product is shaped, mitered, and routered using the same methods that we have employed for generations. While some of our techniques and processes have been modernized for greater efficiency, we remain committed to our legacy of quality craftsmanship.

Keeping it close to home

We combine these timeless traditional methods with cutting-edge engineering in our state-of-the art New England facilities, where we produce our wide range of classical and contemporary designs. Because we design, engineer and craft the majority of our products in-house, we control the level of quality that our customers experience.

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90 Years of Forward Thinking

Today, the hands-on care of our very first Maine workshop lives on, combined with the most advanced techniques of precision fabrication.

Inventive solutions

This spirit of innovation lives on in everything we do. Our design consultants and project engineers approach every project with curiosity and inventiveness, dedicated to finding the best solution to the most complex of situations. We collaborate with architects, designers, and contractors to ensure that each project vision is elegantly executed from concept to installation. Whether it’s determining the right siting for a backyard fence or evaluating wind uplift requirements for a rooftop pergola, our team is actively engaged in developing creative and effective solutions for our customers.

A history of firsts

Walpole Outdoors has a proud legacy of innovation, beginning with our first wood designs and dependable structures in the 1930s. As solid cellular vinyl became known as a wood alternative for planks and trim, Walpole Outdoors was the first to engineer a full line of structural outdoor products crafted out of this durable material. And because it is meant to look and feel like wood, we spent two years collaborating with a leading coatings manufacturer to develop a unique high-performance coating recognized for its aesthetic value and natural resemblance to wood.

Custom Design Solutions

Design your Outdoor Lifestyle

Our unique capabilities allow us to offer a range of beautiful design collections, as well as customized pieces and projects that match your personal concepts, your home’s architecture or any architect’s drawings.

Creative collaboration

The complimentary service of our design consultants and engineers is part of every Walpole Outdoors experience, ensuring that each customer’s vision for outdoor living is brought to life with our incredible catalog of styles and infinite customization options. Our expert staff can work from your professional drawings, simple sketches, photographs, or ideas, to create the one-of-a-kind outdoor structures that perfectly complement your taste, needs, and the architecture of your home or business.

Our History

The story of how a small town fence company became the gold standard for outdoor craftsmanship.

Overview of walpole plant in Maine in the 40s

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