Tanger Outlet Centers,
South Haven, Mississippi Installation.

Proof positive that Walpole is a company with a national reach is illustrated by a recent project undertaken for the architectural firm of Dorsky + Yue International. The new installation, in Southaven, Mississippi, was completed for Tanger Outlet Centers, a company with locations in 21 states that attract more than 185 million shoppers annually.

An Efficient, Effective National Collaboration

Starting in the spring of 2015,
• Drawings from the architects’ Ohio office were accepted by Walpole’s Auto-CAD and professional in-house team in Massachusetts.
• Specs were forwarded to our manufacturing facility in Maine.
• The finished product was then shipped to the mall in Mississippi.
• Installation was completed by Minnesota based contractor, C70 Builders. This multi-state project was completed without a hitch, one week ahead of schedule, and the new Tanger Outlet location opened to the public in November, 2015.

Architects Chose Walpole after a Website Visit

Dorsky + Yue International, a global architectural practice, chose Walpole after visiting our website in late 2014, and then contacting our national sales team. The architects, • Were impressed by Walpole’s long and proud reputation for collaboration with architectural firms, landscape architects, property owners, and building companies

Walpole’s AZEK Solution

The original design called for the pergola columns to be fiberglass and the decorative rafters on top of the pergola to be wood with a clear finish, to give the structure a natural look.
Other important stipulations:
• The Tower Caps had to be delivered as factory-finished modules for simple assembly on site.
• The assembled structure had to be stable and strong enough to be hoisted to the tower by crane.
Walpole demonstrated how our aluminum reinforcements and brackets would satisfy the structural and installation demands. Then, we showed that our low maintenance wood alternative material could be used for the columns, beams and rafters – and that the rafters could be painted to look like red cedar. As a result, AZEK was approved for the entire structure.

Modular Components

With the specifications revised, a package of CAD shop drawings was completed and approved by the architect and the owner. This new set of plans, transmitted to our custom shop, was executed within six weeks.
In all, Walpole crafted six decorative tower caps in three different sizes for the outlet center. We,
• Crafted the structures in kit form, palletized, and shipped on two flatbeds to the site.
• Included detailed assembly instructions for the contractor.
Feedback from the site indicated that the numbered and labeled instructions were meticulously clear and that the assembly proceeded easily to a smooth conclusion.

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To ensure that the Tanger project was seamlessly coordinated from inception to finish, many areas of expertise within Walpole were actively involved. Our sales representative engaged our estimating and experienced in-house staff to review the project, and then conducted timely conference calls with the architect and C70 Builders. As a result, no aspect of the job was ever overlooked.

Walpole is often chosen by trade professionals for our collaborative approach, as well as our skill and expertise in working with AZEK, today’s high performance low maintenance wood alternative material.

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