The largest, most experienced cellular vinyl fabricator in the U.S.

Send Walpole your full-blown drawings, creative sketches, or photographs and we’ll bring them to life – in advanced cellular vinyl that has the look and feel of natural wood. For 75 years, Walpole has helped architects, designers, and builders exceed the expectations of their clients. Find out what our expertise, experience, advanced tools and technology can do for you. Call 800-343-6948 or the store nearest you.


From your drawings we generate a proposal, and using CAD technology, provide submittal and production drawings.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our four CNC routers – including a 27 ft. CNC with 12 tool heads – generate maximum efficiency.

Metal Fabrication

At our In-house metal fabrication plant we build structural reinforcement and hardware for cellular vinyl products – from a huge inventory of steel and aluminum.

Structural Reinforcement

Our more than 300 cellular vinyl structure and fence styles are reinforced for stability.

Laminating Expertise

Five years of research has produced the finest laminating techniques – for balusters, special turnings, and architectural reproductions.

Custom Forms

By heating, bending, and shaping cellular vinyl, we generate custom curves and creative details from one continuous piece.

Factory Finish

An advanced in-line two-coat system using an airless spraying operation ensures uniform paint coverage – with sanding and drying between each coat.

Vinyl Safe Colors

We use only top quality Sherwin-Williams® vinyl safe paint in a complete range of colors.

Shipped in Palletized Kits

Products are protected and palletized for timely shipping and safe arrival nationwide.