Lantern Posts Lantern Posts 


One of the most overlooked details of your home is often the outdoor space. When you have outdoor lighting you need to consider the post that is used to hold the fixture. Lantern posts are designed to be a sturdy yet beautiful way to secure the lantern and provide the light you need outside your home. There are many choices to make when choosing a post for your lantern lighting fixture.

Style of Lantern Posts

Choose a style and color that match the style of your home. The lantern post should look as if it were part of the design of your home and should not appear as though it were an afterthought. The best way to do that is to carefully choose a lantern post that enhances the look of your outdoor living space. Not only should the lantern post look good with your home but it should also blend with the style of the light fixture as well. You'll also want to consider how it looks with other items in your yard such as your mailbox post and fence.

Materials for Lantern Posts

Since the lantern post is located outdoors the main consideration needs to be durability. You want to choose a post that will provide secure and stable support for your light for many years to come. The most common materials used in making Lantern posts are wood, vinyl, granite, and metal. Wood Lantern posts may be made with different types of wood. One of the best woods for use on posts is northern white cedar. This is a durable hardwood that offers resilience even in the harshest of winters. Solid cellular vinyl is a good alternative because it not only looks good but also is virtually maintenance free.

Shopping for Posts

One of the best places to shop for posts for lanterns and mailboxes is online. Shop a high quality woodworking company such as Walpole Outdoors to find the items you need. Posts can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home. You can install the post or have it installed for you. When you shop online you'll find that there are more options and better prices than you can find anywhere else. This gives you the best opportunity to find a post that best fits your needs and your budget. Since a lantern post will last a long time it is essential to spend some time and though to the process of picking one out.

How to Purchase a High Quality Post

While you may be able to find a basic post almost anywhere, it takes more effort to find one that is better made and fits your decorative vision. Don't settle for anything less than the exact design that you want. A post may seem like a small item but it will last a long time. You'll want to choose one that you'll be happy with for many years. To learn more about posts and check the online catalog visit Here you'll find a large selection of beautiful and functional post designs at reasonable prices to suit your needs.