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One of the most important outdoor decorating decisions you will make is the addition of a mailbox post for your property. A mailbox post that is decorative yet functional will increase the curb appeal of your home. A good mailbox post is a thing of beauty that will be in place for years. There are some important things to look for when choosing mailbox posts.

Choosing the Material for Mailbox Posts

When choosing a material for mailbox posts you have several options to pick from. Handcrafted northern white cedar is a popular choice and one that is also very beautiful. For those who want an ultra low maintenance post consider a solid cellular vinyl option. They are available in pre-finished white and provide a platform for a standard medium size mailbox. You may also choose New Hampshire granite, which is nearly indestructible. Another option is heavy-duty powder coated aluminum. When you choose a post consider its durability, functionality, and decorative appeal. You'll want to pick the post based on the style of your home.


Keep in mind that the main function of the post is to hold up your mailbox. To this end you must be sure that the post will be sturdy and will be of the correct size to hold the mailbox of choice. Most mailbox posts are designed to hold a standard metal mailbox. This is ideal since you will be able to easily replace the box itself should it become old and worn. While the mailbox itself is typically made from metal to protect the mail the post itself may be made of materials that will hold up well to the weather. The weather conditions may change drastically from season to season so you'll want a mailbox post that will withstand various temperature changes and precipitation.


Form refers to the design of the mailbox post. While you may not have thought too much about mailbox posts in the past you'll need to look at them now. A good, high quality post will last for many, many years so it should be one that looks best with your home and property. You'll also want to consider the upkeep necessary to keep the post looking good and functioning properly. Choose a simple form that offers a similar look to the other aspects of your home. If you want to avoid maintenance choose a material such as solid cellular vinyl that is practically maintenance free. Be sure to install the post properly to ensure that it remains in place.

Buying a Mailbox

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Lantern Posts

One of the most overlooked details of your home is often the outdoor space. When you have outdoor lighting you need to consider the post that is used to hold the fixture.