Vinyl Pergolas Vinyl Pergolas 


The pergola is an interesting garden feature that has been used for centuries to enhance the beauty of an outdoor area. Vinyl pergolas are often a way to separate areas of the yard or garden. In today's yards, pergolas are necessary to transition outdoor living spaces. With more and more interest in outdoor spaces, pergolas are making their way into gardens everywhere. The pergola is similar to the arbor but offers more interest and design. There are various styles of pergolas to choose from as well as different materials.

Vinyl Pergolas

The two most common materials that pergolas are made from include wood and vinyl. Wood is a traditional material that has been used for pergolas and arbors. Wood has some disadvantages. Specifically, wood can warp or split over time and needs to be repaired from time to time. Today, vinyl is becoming increasingly popular for use on garden accessories and buildings including pergolas. Vinyl pergolas offer some advantages over other materials. Choose solid cellular vinyl for the following features:

• Virtually maintenance free

• Durable

• Won't crack or split

• Doesn't need to be painted

• Don't sink or warp

• Easily cleaned

• Looks new for years

Choosing Garden Features

Adding a feature to your garden is a good way to increase the outdoor living space of your home. Today the trend is to incorporate more outdoor space into the home use. Adding a deck, a gazebo or a pergola is a good way to add more useable space to your garden or yard. Vinyl pergolas are both beautiful and functional. They act as dividers for the outdoors. Add one or more to your outdoor space to provide a natural division of areas. A pergola acts as a transition point between areas of the garden and help to direct traffic between spaces. The pergola is a natural attraction where people will automatically be drawn. Add a bench under the pergola and you have an instant intimate gathering spot. You can create a beautiful garden living space by using garden features wisely.

Add Interest to Your Garden

Outdoor spaces will become more interesting with the addition of vinyl pergolas. A vinyl pergola is so easy to take care of that once you put it in place you won't need to worry about it. It stays looking good for a long time without any help. Choose a style that fits with the style of your home and fence and it will blend seamlessly with your design. Vinyl will look good for years while choosing wood will require you to take care of it. A vinyl product will last longer and stay new looking for years. You can find pergolas and other garden features online. Shop with a high quality company who has expertise selling garden structures. Walpole Woodworkers offers a large selection of top quality products for your yard and garden including pergolas, fences, mailbox posts and lantern posts. You will find a catalog of available products online at