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Adding a fence to your property can add security while enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space. There are many options to consider when choosing a fence. The traditional material used to build fences is wood. The wood fence provides a strong and durable option for your home. Because it is meant to last a long time it is important to take your time to find the design that best suits your needs.

Adding a Wood Fence

The size of your fence will determine the costs of the materials and installation. When choosing a fence consider the style of the fence - it should blend nicely with the style of your home. Review various fence options before making a final decision. One of the best ways to choose a fence style is by looking at fences on properties in your area. Make note of the style and height of the fence and what looks good with homes that are similar to your own. Consider the reason for your fence. If you need to keep your dogs enclosed you will need a secure fence without any large openings or spaces. If you want the fence to provide definition of your property and to beautify your home you may choose from fences with larger spacing.

Wood Fence Design

Keep in mind that you can design the fence in almost any pattern to fit your needs. Think about how the fence will look both from the curb and from the inside of your home. You don't want the fence to block your view or create a barrier that detracts from the beauty of your home. The wood fence should enhance the look of your home and property. There are different types of fence needs to consider. A privacy fence is designed to keep you away from others and others away from you. This is a good option when you live near a busy street or very close to another home. A decorative fence is beautiful but not functional.

Choosing a Functional Wood Fence

A functional fence is one that will provide some use such as keeping your children or pets safe. It helps to define your outdoor space and creates a backdrop for your home. The design should be pretty yet must be able to withstand the weather. A well-built fence will last for many years. Keep in mind that a painted fence will require more maintenance than a fence that is not painted. The fence should be treated so that it will not warp or crack after being exposed to extreme temperature or weather conditions. A high quality fence will enhance your property and will actually add value to it. A poorly maintained fence will detract from the value.

Whatever your choice you can find options to pick from online. Review the catalog at Walpole Outdoors to learn more about the quality fencing offered. Look at the designs available to get an idea of what you'd like before you begin the order process.


Wood Fences

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